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Half Moon Brewery Celebrates It’s First Award

Half-Moon-BreweryDark Masquerade 3.6% a.b.v. has been voted beer of the festival at The Pub beer festival in Leicester.   Selected from a wide choice of over 40 real ales, Dark Masquerade brewed by Tony Rogers at Half Moon Brewery in Ellerton was selected by public vote for its drinkability, full flavour and smooth finish.

Tonii Leach, Festival Organiser and Manager at The Pub, said: – “I’m delighted that Dark Masquerade won Beer of the Festival, it’s a wonderful beer.   During the festival we sold over 3,000 pints of beer, all customers were asked to vote for their 1st, 2nd & 3rd favourite beers and Dark Masquerade won by a mile.“

Ellerton based Half Moon Brewery; started by Tony and Jackie Rogers in December last year is already establishing a name in the region for its good quality, real ales.   Dark Masquerade is a rich ruby/brown ale which is packed with dark chocolate and liquorice flavours.

Upon receiving the award Tony said “It was a great surprise when Toni told us we’d been voted beer of the festival, I had no idea it was being judged.   The beer has been a great success and I’m delighted we’ve won an award so soon.”

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