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Hospitality Gem Survey: Are You A Dining Saint Or Sinner?

HospitalityGEM-logo-300dpiNew research by Guest Experience Management experts, HospitalityGEM, has today revealed that indulgent dining is predominantly seen as an off-peak activity, with a huge 91% of diners choosing to be sinful at the weekend and 83% saintly during the week. However, only 62% when would be saintly when at work, implying before and after work were the times to be healthy.

Furthermore, 79% of diners are most likely to eat a sinful diet of burgers and ‘treat’ food as an evening meal and 77% eat a saintly meal of superfoods at lunch time, with breakfast closely behind as 71% would opt for a saintly meal.

Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming 89% of diners would choose to be saintly and eat only healthy foods prior to going to the gym. Whereas afterwards the emphasis shifts as 51% would choose to treat themselves to a sinful meal. And a staggering 97% would treat themselves and eat sinfully on their birthdays and 93% would ditch the diet to also be sinful when on holiday.

When eating with friends and family, diners are more likely to be sinful with friends (81%) than with their family (69%).

Steven Pike, Managing Director of HospitalityGEM commented: “The steep rise of the casual dining sector has led to an increase in outlets that serve healthy, saintly food and those that focus on more indulgent, sinful treats. Superfoods are fast becoming part of the everyday vocabulary, and diet, as are treat foods in equal measure such as premium burgers piled high with toppings and calorie-packed freakshakes.

“There are gaps in the market for restaurants and pubs that serve both the sinful and the saintly of foods with this latest research identifying just when they are most desired. And for those who read our report last week about the trend for ‘active dining’ – don’t worry; it looks like something that only happens on the first day of April.”

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