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Hotels And Tourist Destinations Use Live Webcams To Connect With Customers Online And Boost Sales

BN-NWS-Photo-Shoot-058A new survey of hotel and leisure businesses using NW Systems’ Streamdays live webcam service, found that 92% had seen increased customer awareness of their facilities as a result of using the service.

Of these businesses, almost a quarter (24%) had recorded a direct link between the webcam on their website and an increase in sales or bookings. Nearly 9 out of 10 webcam users (86%) had noted an increase in traffic to their websites as a result.

Many hotels and leisure facility managers were going further to use the live webcam to enhance their web presence and engage with customers online. Almost three quarters of respondents (74%) had used the webcam as part of their wider social media marketing activity, by sharing the webcam feed on Facebook – amongst other social media channels.

Anecdotal responses revealed that for many businesses, the webcam had become an indispensable part of their overall approach to customer engagement. One respondent described their camera as ‘something that connects [our business] to the members who use it’.

For a hotel or resort boasting a unique location, an outdoor webcam can instantly connect prospective guests with this key selling point – and let them know what to expect.

For the tech-savvy hospitality business, streaming video content can also help to move websites up the search engine rankings, thereby becoming more visible to potential customers. The possibility of using the webcam service to enhance a business’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy was evident to many of the survey respondents: of hotel and leisure sector players questioned, 49% had ascertained that the live stream had boosted their position on search engine results for key search terms. A further 41% were unsure – indicating that not all businesses were fully aware of the potential benefits in this area.

Frank Crouwel, managing director, NW Systems Group, explained: “In our mobile-first, always-on world, video is becoming a key channel for engagement between brands and consumers. As our research found live webcams are delivering greater traffic, improved SEO rankings, increased awareness and even increased sales.

“However there is an analytics gap, with too many tourism and leisure firms are not measuring the impact on their businesses. If they are to prove ROI this needs to change. They need to track the metrics involved, and understand how live webcams fit into the customer journey if they are to justify further investment in this growing channel.”

Streamdays is at www.streamdays.com

Streamdays-logoFor further information about Streamdays, please contact:
Frank Crouwel, Managing Director, NW Systems Group:
Email: frank@nwsystemsgroup.com
Phone: 0151 633 2111

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