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How Small Plates + Technology = Casual Dining Success

Small plate service is revolutionising the way people dine today. Tapas-style service is not just great for customers, it’s good for operations, with lower food costs, good turnover of ingredients and a higher spend.

Chris Cartmell, business consultant for NFS Technology Group, said: “A good electronic point of sale (EPoS) system such as Aloha from NFS provides all the tools you need for small plate service.”

That includes tableside ordering using handheld devices ranging from dedicated technology to iPads, and kitchen automation technology that gets service underway immediately.

Chris said: “With Aloha EPoS, serving staff can send the order straight to the kitchen, where it is displayed on screens so chefs can prepare it immediately.”

Bills can be easily split, and items are never missed. Afterwards, data captured enables restaurateurs to identify what’s selling and what’s not, improving stock control.

Jacque Ferreira, Co-Founder and Executive Chef of Bar Iberico, says his restaurants could not do without their Aloha system.

He said: “We expect to serve more than 700 people in the Summer when our outside area is running at capacity.

“The order going straight from the handheld to the kitchen screen ensures a blistering speed of service.”

Find out more about Aloha – www.nfstechnologygroup.com

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