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How Technology from NFS is Helping CAU Roll Out Across the UK

CAU Argentinian steak restaurants are taking the UK by storm – and as they roll out across the country, they are relying on Aloha electronic point of sale (EPoS) technology from NFS Technology Group.

CAU now has 23 highly successful restaurants, with more in the pipeline.

Aloha is the leading EPoS restaurant technology that delivers everything from tableside ordering and billing via hand-held devices to comprehensive management reports.

Estates and Property manager Colin Williams says: “We’ve been with NFS for ten years, and they are absolutely fundamental to us. The product line is very good – and you get an unbelievable level of service.”

Staff mostly use Aloha via iPads, but the solution is adapted for each location.

“It’s definitely saving us money in terms of time, efficiency and capturing data so we can identify trends,” said Colin.

“We also appreciate the way it helps you cut down on fraud – staff who might be tempted know they can’t get away with anything.
“It’s amazing for stock control – and integrates well with our other platforms.

“Our market is constantly changing, and Aloha helps us keep up with that. In all, it helps us deliver a slicker service.”

Learn more about Aloha – www.nfs-hospitality.com

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