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How to Boost Your Sales with Smart Guest WiFi in Your Business

Love it or loathe it, we live in times where mobile devices are everywhere.

People use their phones all the time. Look around any cafe, restaurant or bar and it’s easy to find multiple people looking at their smartphone’s screen. Smartphones are reaching 50% of all time digital media time spent, and the time is used not only for web browsing, but also social interactions, research, and purchases.

Most businesses will now offer free WiFi to their customers, but how many are using WiFi to their advantage, as well as for customer convenience?

With BLACKBX Guest WiFi, you can do both.

You can offer a safe, secure and branded WiFi experience for your customers, that not only allows them to browse the internet, but through social media login, promotes your business to their friends… for free! By letting customers “check-in” at your venue or share a photo of their favourite dish with their friends, they’re spreading the word about your business, without any effort on your end.
Make Guest WiFi work for you by keeping your loyal customers coming back and attracting new customers, with minimal effort.

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