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Hydrofinity Near-Waterless Laundry Technology

Hydrofinity-product-imageEnergy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction will undoubtedly be top of mind if it is your job to oversee a hotel’s profitability. The revolutionary washing system Hydrofinity has outlined three key ways in which investing in on-site near-waterless laundry technology delivers tangible business benefits:

  1. Minimising environmental impact

A recent survey by Hydrofinity showed 77% of people said they actively search for hotels that have eco-friendly laundry facilities. By implementing Hydrofinity’s revolutionary washing system, you will go a long way towards boosting its eco credentials. Whilst traditional machines use between 40% and 70% hot water,

  1. It boosts quality and cleanliness

The study by Hydrofinity found 94% of guests think towel quality, in particular cleanliness, is vital for customer satisfaction. Hydrofinity uses 80% less water and delivers a gentler wash thanks to the millions of revolutionary XOrbs used in each wash that gently remove soil and stains from fabrics extremely effectively.

  1. It reduces operational costs

By bringing your laundry in-house using a Hydrofinity machine, you can take steps to reduce the day-to-day operational costs at your hotel by up to 30%, optimising the establishment’s profitability.

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