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IceSpy Notion Pro from The IMC Group

Manufactured in the UK by the IMC Group Ltd, the IceSpy Notion Pro is a totally reliable and flexible wireless monitoring system incorporating technological breakthroughs in environmental monitoring.

The IceSpy brand is well-established throughout the food industry for providing cost-effective solutions to wireless monitoring within fridges, freezers, and heated and dry storage facilities. The IMC Group’s wealth of knowledge and experience of wireless monitoring takes IceSpy to the next level with the innovative Notion Pro technology whilst maintaining the affordability factor.

The Notion Pro system sets new standards for data collection and display of environmental parameters and enables users to monitor parameters such as ambient & core temperature, humidity and airflow. The system provides 24/7 monitoring with real-time email or SMS alarms to identify potential parameter breaches before damage can occur and assist with HACCP compliance regulations meeting British Standard BS EN 12830. Audit stress is alleviated with easy access to real-time and historical records without the need to manually download data.

Notion Pro has the flexibility for standalone, intranet or cloud-based installations and eliminates the time taken to carry out manual checks and the errors that often occur. It’s suitable for single or multiple user organisations, and data can be securely shared with colleagues with user-defined permission levels.

The revolutionary leap forward in wireless technology delivers high quality affordable monitoring without compromise and post purchase support for ultimate peace of mind.

Contact: sales@the-imcgroup.com
Phone: +44 (0) 1462 688070
Website: www.the-imcgroup.com

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