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Immtell – Navigating Immigration, Delivering Solutions

At Immtell, we understand the unique challenges that the UK’s catering and hospitality industry faces, particularly in staffing. We are here to help you bridge these gaps by unlocking global talent, bolstering your workforce, and driving your business forward.

Immtell is more than an immigration consultancy. We are your strategic partner, aiding you in navigating UK immigration laws and procedures. A significant part of our services involves helping businesses acquire and maintain Home Office sponsor licenses, enabling you to legally employ workers from outside the UK.

At Immtell, we provide guidance on the Prevention of Illegal Working legislation, underscoring the importance of conducting compliant Right to Work checks. This is not just a statutory requirement, but a vital component in mitigating the risk of incurring a potential fine of £20,000 per illegal worker. Moreover, non-compliance could lead to substantial reputational damage, which can have a far-reaching impact on your business. Our support ensures you understand and adhere to these regulations, keeping your business secure and reputation intact.

In addition to assisting businesses, we help potential employees navigate the visa application process. We aim to facilitate a smooth transition for those seeking to work in the UK, creating a more efficient hiring process for everyone involved.

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We look forward to partnering with you and helping your business thrive.