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Independence Could Accelerate Growth Of Scotland’s Foodservice Sector

Horizons-logoFoodservice looks set to play an important role in Scotland’s economy if the referendum this week returns a yes for independence and could stimulate growth in the sector.

Figures from foodservice consultancy Horizons estimate that Scotland’s foodservice market to be worth £3.1bn, some 6.8% of the UK foodservice sector.

There is also potential for further growth as the average spend per head on eating out in Scotland is lower than the national average. Scottish consumers spend an average of £602 per year on eating out compared with the UK average of £724 per year.

“An independent Scotland could see renewed interest in eating out as tourism is boosted alongside business. Scotland lags behind the rest of the UK in terms of eating out, and particularly sectors such as casual dining and quick service so we are likely to see growth in these areas,” commented Horizons managing director Peter Backman.

Compared with the UK Scotland has a strong bias towards eating out in hotels, which represents 33% of the market (compared with 19% across the UK). Popular destination eating out (in restaurants, pubs, takeaways and fast food) represents a lower proportion of eating out spend in Scotland at 43%, compared with the average spend in the rest of the UK at 62%.

Annual growth for the foodservice sector in Scotland is forecast at 2.1%, the same as for the rest of the UK.

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