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Interflow – Reliability, Simplicity, Longevity

Interflow UK distributes and installs a range of equipment for commercial kitchens, including:

• GIF ActiveVent ventilated ceilings for perfect extract and hush-quiet operation. A real alternative to a traditional canopy with smaller plant necessary with lower running costs.

• ecoAzur option automatically adjusts airflow rates to suit kitchen operations in real time thus reducing running costs for any commercial kitchen. These can be retro fitted to existing ventilation systems.

• Recirculating air option and heat recovery available

• GIF Jet Stream extraction for Theatre / Front Cooking operations.

• plasmaNorm odour and grease elimination to clean exhaust emissions into the neighbourhood, an alternative to traditional carbon filter systems due to easier maintenance.

• Basika stainless steel floor drainage systems.

• Basika gravity grease separators, in both above and below ground versions for manual and vacuum pump emptying, can be linked to BMS controls for automatic operation. With the need to control the grease discharge from your commercial food operations gravity grease separators offer a competitive solution to more familiar methods of control. Interflow equipment is suitable for kitchens of all sizes and is designed to be environmentally sustainable in full compliance with regulatory requirements and is economic in operation with extended life-cycles.

Contact a specialist today on 01952 510050 or email sales@interflow.co.uk.

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