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Introducing Frappino

Frappino A5 4PP LeafletLayout 1Are you envious of the sales Costa, Starbuck, McDonalds, KFC etc. are mopping up with Iced Drinks?

You should be!

Costa alone have reported a 43% increase in sales for year on year in 2015 for these must have, products. According to the Grocer the market overall has soared 53% in the past year.

Frappino launched in 2015 allows everyone else to enter this market, but with an important edge over the high street chains; its ready to serve, so no preperation while the customer waits, saving valuable time.

All of the sublime flavours come from real coffee, real cocoa or real fruit, not artificials. What’s in the cup has to taste amazing to ensure repeat sales, and every effort has been made to make sure it is.

Served in a stylish plastic cup with domed lid and jumbo straw, its right on trend.

“Early customer feedback has been more than positive” says Peter Campbell, creater of the concept. ” Customer comments include: “We have customers saying its addictive” “We sell much more than we thought we would”, “Once people try it they keep coming back for more and buying other items at the same time”, “its great to watch peoples faces when they try it for the first time, they love it”.

“Sometimes products take a while to embed, but Frappino has taken off straight away, as I thought it would. With the huge advertising budgets of the chains behind Iced Drinks our customers can ride along with it as they grow consumer demand for us”, said Peter.

With a profit margin upwards of 60% and equipment that is supplied either Free on Loan or purchased with a stock pack to cover its cost, you simply can’t lose!

Frappino supply UK wide.

For more information contact Frappino 0191 238 6666

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