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It Sounds Crazy, But It’s True!

I visited a potential customer last week and he told me that, across all their branches, he had calculated they spent £60,000 a year cleaning up wax from candles!!

That works out at £1621 per restaurant.  And they only use about 20 candles in each place!!
Having the right ambience, and using candles to provide it is an essential element of your restaurant, but this problem with the wax mess is a real issue.  It can be costly, as in the example above, but also, it can discourage your staff from using the candles at all, and therefore not providing the ambience you want to provide. 

 The answer, is to use a candle that doesn’t make a mess, that doesn’t spill wax everywhere when you touch it, that doesn’t turn into mush or a hot liquid pool after a couple of hours.  The answer is to use oil candles!

Act now, and you can get a Free Oil candle from us at Clearcraft to try out, with no obligation whatsoever.

Simply go to our website on www.clearcraft-catering.co.uk, choose the model you would like to see and e-mail me on mike@clearcraftltd.co.uk with your choice and your address and I will send you out a free candle by return!

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