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Jestic Bring New Rosinox Double Kettle Cooker To UK Market

Recently announced as the UK distributors for the Rosinox, part of the renowned Ali Group last month, Jestic Foodservice Equipment is delighted to launch a brand new, multifunctional cooking appliance to market. The Rosinox Dual Chef is a multi-purpose electric, double kettle cooker, capable of successful performing a wide range of cooking functions to an outstanding consistency.

Constructed from a high-grade stainless steel, the Dual Chef features two large independently controlled kettles. A uniform temperature is generated by powerful, flat heating elements and a three layer, 10mm metal base. Further consistency is achieved thanks to a double-walled stainless steel lid, hinged and balanced with peripheral seals for greater heat retention.

In order to deliver precision cooking, the unit features two, user-friendly, full colour, touch screen displays, complete with integrated USB connectivity and recipe memory. Ideal for groups and chains looking to maintain consistency across a full estate, the digital interface ensures menu items can be produced to a high quality, even by those with limited training.

Internally, the unit features hot and cold water connection and an integrated spout with volume control. A separate drain for food and cleaning water and a handy water spray gun with flexible swivel hose aids efficient cleaning. A single food probe measures three points per kettle, while three further sensors prevent overheating.

For more information on the Rosinox Dual Chef or to find out about the other commercial products supplied by Jestic Foodservice Equipment, please visit www.jestic.co.uk or call 01892 831960.

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