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KalGUARD Offers Maximum Benefits For Limescale Control

Limescale control is recommended for catering facilities and hotels located within hard water areas. If left unchecked, limescale may lead to premature repairs and breakdowns of secondary hot water systems and appliances, causing downtime and unplanned capital expenditure, and can escalate energy bills since just 1.6mm of limescale can increase a heating system’s fuel requirement by up to 12% (British Water).

To inhibit the buildup of limescale, KalGUARD® from Sentinel Commercial should be installed. Arguably the best limescale control device on the market in terms of overall cost-effectiveness, performance, ease of installation and maintenance, KalGUARD uses unique driven electrolytic technology (the only powered device-led methodology to be recommended by Part L) to permanently control limescale.

Easy and cost-effective to install, KalGUARD works with all types of heaters from leading OEMs and is not LSI dependent, so there is never any need for extra units or complicated water analysis. What’s more, only one KalGUARD system is needed to treat an entire system when it is installed on a rising main before pump and booster sets.

Once commissioned, maintenance of WRAS-approved KalGUARD is negligible, as no consumables are needed for its ongoing operation. The unit requires only a bi-annual service if the system filter is fitted.

KalGUARD is available in a range of sizes, from 22mm through to 108mm. To find out more about the benefits of KalGUARD, call 01928 704330 or alternatively visit www.sentinelprotects.com/uk/about-kalguard

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