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katjes_mcf_logoThe world’s first food-certified and award-winning 3D printer for gelatine-free gummy candy, the Katjes Magic Candy Factory, is bringing its 3D food technology to its home market, the UK in November this year. Along with its new partner Calendar Club, the Birmingham-based 3D food innovation is bringing its magical world of customised confectionery to shopping centres with an innovative kiosk concept in England, Wales and Scotland. Right in time for the Holiday season.

Katjes Magic Candy Factory, Managing Director, Melissa Snover, is delighted to present a brand-new shopping experience with their 3D Magic Candy Factory and “Magical Mix & Make” proposition. This unique assortment and journey allows candy lovers to either print their own custom candy choosing from eight delicious vegan flavours and hundreds of shapes, selfies, a self-drawn design, a message or a logo or to pick from a wide variety of gift containers, single colour coded veggie and vegan confectionary and personalised labels to create any concoction in their imagination. The kiosk is the first of its kind in the world and is an approach to customized confectionery that is truly unique and completely new to the UK. 3D magic candies are also available online at www.magiccandyfactory.com.

For further information contact Katjes Magic Candy Factory on (0)7587130021 or email caitlin.richards@lovekatjes.com

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