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KK Fine Foods Win Gold

WHILE KK FINE FOODS has always focused on establishing what people will be eating in the future, this objective has become even more important as our customers continue to look for a point of difference in a highly innovative marketplace.

There has been a huge trend in the industry towards vegetarian and vegan products, a category that KK has spent decades specialising in.

Consumers are increasingly demanding more high quality, flavour-packed vegetarian options – something that KK continuously strives to achieve.

This continued commitment has led KK Fine Foods to once again develop an award winning vegetarian product, winning Gold in the Best New Meat Free/Vegetarian Product category for their Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne.

Within food trends we have seen a shift towards all-day dining, small plates and sharing. In addition to this there has been a trend towards premiumisation within food. Therefore, KK Fine Foods developed a stunning premium meat sharing option; melt in the mouth British beef short rib, marinated with paprika and smoky chipotle chillies. The marinated double bone beef rib is slow cooked at a low temperature using sous vide technology for 10 hours, which adds to the succulence and ensures the flavour penetrates the meat, resulting in perfectly succulent beef that falls off the bone. This double bone beef rib is a perfect centre piece sharing option that certainly has the wow factor, winning Silver for Best New Multi-Portion Product!

The fantastic results at this year’s BFFF highlights KK Fine Foods’ ongoing commitment to creating innovative, highly quality products with award winning flavours.

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