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GIRL-CAN-V3Odourless paints from Lakeland Paints – ideal for pubs, restaurants, hospitals, clinics & other premises where paint smells cannot be tolerated. Free of all solvents, VOCs & smells – clean-up with water.

With 180 colours in all the finishes you will ever need, Lakeland has been used by many organizations and Local Authorities where the smell of paint would cause problems – like food processing & storage, supermarkets, schools etc.

No down-time, no need to close wards or rooms – no need to vacate the premises at any time.

Example – Bristol Cancer Health Hospital – the inpatients were wheeled in the beds down to the end of the ward – painting completed within the day – then wheeled back & the remaining part of the ward completed, with no need to interrupt services or vacate the ward at any time.

Established 26 years, here are a few more clients you may have heard of: Duchy of Cornwall, Google, Scottish Parliament Building, British Museum, Westminster Abbey, South West Trains, Heathrow T4, UK 2012 Olympic Village.

Customer comments – Outstanding, H.O. Interior designer – Decorator is so impressed, J.S – A joy to use, R.S – I am a decorator using your excellent products, D.B. – Unbelievable superior quality, C.H.

For further information, visit www.lakelandpaints.co.uk or call 01524 852371.

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