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Leading Spa Hotel Keeps Guests Happy with the Help of Technology

The Shandon Hotel and Spa in Donegal opened its doors as a resort only in Easter 2016 – but it has rapidly established itself as a premier hotel spa.

With 50 luxurious bedrooms, 120 staff, two bars, a top-class thermal spa and a leisure centre, the hotel’s prime concern is making sure the guest experience is superlative.

And General Manager Carolynne Henderson says these great results would be impossible to achieve without their roomMaster property management system (PMS) from NFS Technology Group.

“roomMaster works really well for us,” she said. “The revenue management side of roomMaster is particularly useful. It’s very easy to use, and it integrates well with SiteMinder, our channel manager .”

As well as taking advantage of online booking channels, the hotel has a strong direct booking strategy via its website.

“Some hotels pay commission on online bookings – but thanks to roomMaster, we’re pretty much commission-free,” said Carolynne.

Via roomMaster and SiteMinder’s powerful facilities, the hotel’s rates and availability are automatically pushed out and co-ordinated at all times.

““Our staff find roomMaster easy to use, and the training is also easy – and the 24/7 support is also very good,” said Carolynne.

Find out more about roomMaster at www.nfstechnologygroup.com

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