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Let’s Take It Outside

The long, hot summer will be here before you know it… and soon, everyone will want to be outdoors!

If you need reliable, commercial equipment that will deploy in minutes and store away cleanly when not in use then take a look at the legendary Cinders Barbecues.

These LP Gas barbecues come with a full commercial warranty and time saving benefits like internal self-cleaning for when the job is done! Already used successfully by professionals across the land, these British made barbecue grills are powerful, dependable and engineered to last.

The recently enhanced website www.cindersbarbecues.co.uk was designed with you in mind and is a useful resource for outdoor cooking – with blogs, best practice and always with sound advice for safety first.

British manufacturer Cinders Barbecues Limited have been making quality foodservice equipment since 1984 serving professionals throughout the UK, northern Europe, USA and Canada.

For more information call: 01524 262900 & See demonstration videos at: www.cindersbarbecues.co.uk

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