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Licensed Hospitality, Not Supermarket Alcohol Can Give England A World Cup Boost

Ahead of England’s World Cup match today, the ALMR has urged customers to enjoy the game safely and is reminding football fans of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s message; that the unique atmosphere of the pub is one of the best places to enjoy the match.

The ALMR has also criticised the irresponsible tactics being employed by the country’s major supermarket chains, who, despite Government efforts, continue to tempt customers with negligent promotions.

ALMR Strategic Affairs Director, Kate Nicholls said: “Last week we heard the Mayor of London championing the pub as one the best places to enjoy the World Cup, yet vast quantities of alcohol, particularly beer, are being pushed by supermarkets as the must-have accessory for this summer’s football. Although we have seen a ban on below cost sales of alcohol, supermarkets effectively remain deregulated and continue to actively market pocket-money priced alcohol with scant regard for the Government’s efforts to promote responsible retailing.

“If a pub or club acted in the way in which supermarkets do every other summer, actively marketing beer at 54 pence per can, they would almost certainly lose their licence.”

Figures published The Grocer and reported in national media this week show that eight out the ten most popular beer brands are cheaper now in the off-trade than they were for the 2010 World Cup.

Nicholls concluded: “Supermarkets continue to push cheap beer in enormous quantities and we are seeing Carlsberg and Carling at over 10% and Foster’s over 16% cheaper than during the previous World Cup.

“It is well past time that supermarkets were subject to the same stringent regulations and controls on pricing as licensed hospitality.

“The World Cup is a great sporting occasion and the perfect opportunity to showcase the best of licensed hospitality. Around a quarter of us will enjoy the World Cup from the comfort of the pub and a third of us will watch England’s matches in best place for safe, supervised drinking.”

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