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Linking Hygiene and Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Sector

Washrooms that sparkle, dining areas that are clean and inviting, glasses, cutlery and crockery that are spotless, not to mention food preparation areas that are safe, sanitised and hygienic. All these elements combine to ensure that your customers enjoy the experience of eating and drinking out.

Customers will repeatedly come back if you can demonstrate the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Also consider the back of house elements – warewashing, maintaining grease traps and so on – that customers never see but are equally important. This isn’t just about how customers feel, there are also regulatory reasons for ensuring that you maintain high standards.

Achieving this isn’t easy – and that’s why many businesses in the hospitality sector turn to Chemex International for products, advice and support. It’s not sufficient to simply use products that perform better than others – although this is a fundamental requirement – but your peace of mind comes from a local support service that is second-to-none – that both identifies the correct product dilutions and regularly checks them for you, that trains staff in how to use chemicals safely and that will help you troubleshoot any hygiene concerns you may have.

For hygiene solutions that you can trust, contact Chemex on 0121 565 6300.

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