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LittlePod 7 years old!!!

We celebrated our 7th anniversary at River Cottage this year.  It was a glorious three days at the end of May.  Janet wanted to ‘man the stand’ herself for the three days so she could remember the experience of the LittlePod launch at Hampton Court

However, she was not alone as many LittlePodders came to visit her…
Janet was asked to give a talk about LittlePod whilst demoing her recipe from her book. She was interviewed by Steven Lamb, one of River Cottage’s three founding members. Steven said that he was ‘gobsmacked’ by the LittlePod story and could not understand why we ‘were not known about’ and that a ‘film should be made’.   Janet assured him that many people know about LittlePod and that there are LittlePodders now all across the globe!

And thanks to Lizzy Fussell everyone heard about Janet’s talk as Lizzy thought it was ‘brilliant’…thanks Lizzy!

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