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LRS Table Tracker and M&S PLC

lrs-mandsLong Range Systems is known for its paging systems but when Marks & Spencer PLC called us and decided to increase their customer service with a ‘take to table’ solution LRS could see immediately that their Table Tracker could be the perfect solution. Following an introduction of the system to M&S who agreed to trial Table Tracker to see whether the solution could be a success in the M&S café environment.

Two M&S sites were chosen for the trials which lasted approximately 6 weeks. The results were spectacular and offered M&S an in-depth insight to their business in a way that was inconceivable before Table Tracker was installed.

Previous to the Table Tracker solution, M&S had been using the LRS customer call paging solution for some time. But customer paging could not work with a take to table solution. The alternatives are well known industry wide, such as table tents and numbering systems that can be ineffective. But Table Tracker solutions show exactly where the customer is located without anything on the table top which was an important consideration for M&S.

Table Tracker comprises of a screen, table trackers, a starter unit and clearing unit. Under table tags that need no servicing complete the solution. As the M&S trial proceeded it was clear that the benefits of the Table Tracker for M&S would change their understanding of their café operation and allow M&S to offer increased customer service while benefitting from improved efficiencies.

Lastly, Table Tracker data collected by M&S gave them the tools to have insights to their café operations that could not be achieved any other way. Service levels increased so dramatically that M&S rolled out Table Tracker to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Table Tracker has been used successfully in M&S cafés since October 2013 and David Condliffe, Group Hospitality Project Manager is happy with the long-term benefits from using the LRS Table Tracker system.

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