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Maidaid Icemakers – The Difference is Clear

This superb range of automatic ice makers provides various size ice cubes or flakes of extremely high quality.

The Maidaid range caters for everyone, from small businesses in need of an attractive, compact model for a small space, through to businesses with large scale demands.

Restaurants, hotels, bars, fish markets and supermarkets, hospitals and laboratories – Maidaid has the perfect product for every application.

What places Maidaid ice machines head and shoulders above the rest is their capacity to create the optimum quality of ice when housed in ambient temperature surroundings usually around 21°c. This is how machines spend their working life, so that is how we test them, unlike other makes that use unrealistically lower test temperatures of around 10°c. Through ongoing technological innovation, Maidaid icemakers are energy saving with quick recovery times.

Reader enquiries – Tel: 0845 130 8070 or www.maidaid.co.uk

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