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Marco Pierre White’s Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

yorkshire-puddings“A roast wouldn’t be the same without Yorkshire puddings. As far as I’m concerned, roast beef should be served with Yorkshire puddings. I am a Yorkshireman after all.”

When it comes to making your own Yorkshire puddings, there are just a few simple tips that I’d like to share with you:

  • First of all, measure your ingredients accurately to get the correct ratio of milk to flour to egg. 
  • Whisk the batter thoroughly – you don’t want to see any lumps! 
  • Once you’ve made the batter, set it aside to rest for at least an hour as this makes the batter lighter. 
  • Make life easy for yourself and use non-stick Yorkshire pudding trays. Grease these lightly and pre-heat them in the oven – you want them nice and hot before you add in the batter. 

Once the beef is cooked to taste, take it out of the oven to rest. Now cook your Yorkshire puddings. This means you can serve them straight from the oven with the rested roast beef – and, of course, a splash of Knorr Rich Beef Stock Pot gravy…

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