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milesThe Miles family, based in the West Country have been producing tea and coffee for over 120 years.

The team at Miles pride themselves on producing the finest product range for the catering sector. We offer a full range of coffee blends and flavours along with vending and a selection of large catering sizes.

2016 saw the launch of our new coffee range. The ‘Rich and Reviving’ has a striking firework design to give energy and motivation reflecting a burst of the fresh coffee inside. The blend is a roast of Central American Arabica beans, roasted a little longer to develop a deep, rich flavour. Other blends in this range are;  ‘Bright and Breezy’, ‘Cheerfully Colombian’ and ‘Delightfully Decaffeinated’. Miles also offer a wide range of specialty roasts.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our new tea range being launched in Spring 2017!

Call us on 01643 703993 for samples of our products and details on prices and products. www.djmiles.co.uk


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