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Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd

Family run business Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd is UK exclusive distributor for range of exceptional, highest quality, outstanding, handmade wood (and gas) fired ovens. Company was set up in The UK in 2015 by Bart & Monika targeting mobile catering sector with their flag model mobile wood fired pizza oven which was amazing success.

We help realize the dream of own mobile catering business and also a standout opportunity for experienced and established caterers and restauranteurs.

By the end of 2016 company has responded to massively growing outdoor pizza ovens market demand and developed new product lines – amazing stone or stainless steel garden and commercial ovens. All our ovens are hand made from scratch, Built in traditional artisan way with highest quality refractory materials, properly insulated and reinforced.

Have any questions? Call 0330 010 1303, email: info@mobipizzaovens.co.uk or visit www.mobipizzaovens.co.uk

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