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Mobile Order Ahead App To Revolutionise Hospitality Sector

Omnico’s mobile Order Ahead app allows customers to order and collect food and beverages quickly and simply, driving brand loyalty and repeat business.

In an increasingly mobile world, driven by speed and convenience, brands that don’t have a mobile strategy risk falling behind in this competitive market.

Working across the hospitality, retail and destinations sectors, Omnico has developed a range of mobile products. The Order Ahead app allows a customer to browse a menu, choose their items, pay within the app – receiving bonus and loyalty points to spend later – and collect their items at a chosen time, or have their choices ready for them at their table when they arrive.

As well as customer benefits, it allows a better kitchen workflow management, helping to reduce food wastage and increase brand loyalty. Watch a video demo here.

For more information and to speak to Omnico: enquiries@omnicogroup.com.

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