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Mobile Self-Scan Eliminates The Queue

In the UK, 59.4% of us believe we will soon become a cashless society. We’ve seen enormous growth in the use of contactless payment and this is only set to continue, with pubs, bars and restaurants one of the places most likely for consumers to use mobile contactless payment.

Omnico’s latest product, mobile self-scan, allows customers to scan items directly through their mobile device and skip the till queue, receiving real-time bonus point calculations and digital e-receipts. Currently in use by Denmark’s leading grocery brand, Coop Denmark, the applications for the product go beyond a store environment, allowing consumers to scan items from a menu, to pre-order, and pay directly from their device.

Working across the hospitality, retail and destinations sectors, Omnico has developed a range of mobile products. To watch a video of the mobile app in use, click here.

For more information and to speak to Omnico: www.omnicogroup.com/catering and enquiries@omnicogroup.com

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