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More Guest Experience. Less Hassle

moreisless-wifiWe believe in making your operation run smoothly by delivering reliable and innovative products and solutions. But it doesn’t end there.

We also believe in giving your guests the service and attention they require and deserve. That’s what really makes the difference.

With Hoist Group as your partner you get more time to focus on your guests and far less hassle in your everyday work.

We help you create a functional and reliable IT environment with the latest technology that makes your work easier and increases your revenue. We manage the whole process, from planning and installation to after-sales service and support as well as ongoing product development to meet ever evolving market trends . When you choose Hoist Group for your IT solution, you get a long-term partner who provides you with dependable WiFi.

It has never been easier to give your guests a “home away from home” TV experience. With our customised TV solutions your guests can simply lean back and enjoy truly personal entertainment, just like home.

Want to raise the standard of your business? As an additional service, we offer attractive financing options on all our products and for all our clients. With Hoist Group as your financing partner you can update your operations without taking unfavorable bank loans.
In conclusion, when doing business with Hoist Group you get one professional hospitality partner that offers great products and services that make your work a lot easier. What’s in it for you? Less hassle for the hotelier and staff and more time to focus on what really matters – your guests.

For further details contact Hoist Group Ltd. Tel.: +44 207 348 6770

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