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Nescafé® Milano Offers Simply Better Beverages With New Generation Machine

Nescafe-Milano-New-GenerationNESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL® has launched a revolutionary new version of its successful NESCAFÉ® Milano machine to the hotel market, featuring the very latest in telemetry technology. Thanks to its customisation assets, it brings the art of coffee through an automatic machine to the next level.

The launch of NESCAFÉ® Milano New Generation means that hotels can now provide customers with an even wider selection of high quality coffees to satisfy all international tastes, without the need of a barista. The state of the art machine is even easier to operate and offers hotels greater flexibility and customisation than ever before. Ideal for use in hotel restaurants and cafés, as well as bar and lobby areas, the high standard of coffee produced also makes it suitable for service in VIP lounges and high end conferences.

“‘Customers have incredibly high expectations for their coffee and ’super premium’ is now the fastest growing sector in the core coffee market.[i]   The launch of NESCAFÉ® Milano New Generation therefore represents a significant opportunity for hotels, enabling them to provide a premium coffee offering across all locations with ease. What’s more, the added benefit of innovative two-way telemetry allows hotels to prepare coffee exactly how their customers like it, monitor sales and introduce new variants and promotions in line with the seasons,” explained Matt Lane, Head of Beverage Solutions at NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL®.

“Its ease of operation means virtually no training time is needed for staff and our extensive service support includes round-the-clock maintenance and point-of-sale material.”


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