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New Bedroom Furniture Made From Reclaimed Hardwood Is A Dream Ticket For Jamaica Inn

An evocative new range of bedroom furniture, ‘Loft’ supplied by Barton Reed & Co of Holsworthy, Devon, has been installed in fifteen brand new bedrooms over the border in Cornwall, at Jamaica Inn, Bodmin.

David Moore, Managing Director of Barton Reed & Co., knew that Loft would be a winner. His company buys handmade furniture from manufacturers throughout Europe and one or two selected suppliers from farther afield.

David says; “Over the decades we have installed thousands of ranges of hotel furniture, so I know a good product when I see it. Jamaica Inn is the first hotel we’ve supplied with Loft. I’m very happy with the outcome and I think these tasteful new bedrooms have set a high standard for West Country hotels in 2018.”

Allen Jackson, Director of Jamaica Inn spotted the Loft range online. His discovery was made perfect when he realised that it was stocked locally by Barton Reed & Co.

“We love it and more importantly, so do our guests. It feels as solid as it looks – when you shut a drawer you get that quality sound. We’ve even had people ask us where they can buy it as they want it back in their bedrooms at home. Feedback like that makes us know we made the right choice.”

Sammy Wheeler, Allen’s PA and overseer of the refit logistics explains;

“We always buy locally when we can as we think it works best for everyone. The service we received from Barton Reed & Co was exceptional. David understood that we wouldn’t want all the furniture on site and he thoughtfully arranged to warehouse it and deliver on a call-off basis. That helped us fit the rooms more efficiently as we weren’t having to constantly shift furniture. I think that’s the sort of service you get from local companies that understand their customers properly.”

For further information 01409 271189, email: info@bartonreed.co.uk or visit www.bartonreed.co.uk

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