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New Energy-Efficient Separator For Craft Brewing

At the Drinktec exhibition in Munich, Germany, which took place in September 2013, Alfa Laval – a leading global provider of products and modules for the beer, beverage and food industries – launched the new bottom feed BREW 250 separator for craft brewing.

Alfa Laval has been co-operating with craft brewers for many years to get more high-value quality beer with less overall investment. Examples include optimizing filtration, reducing the need to invest in tanks by using separators to improve tank utilization, creating special craft brewery modules for deaerated water, high gravity brewing and beer cooling.

Recently, Alfa Laval has extended its portfolio with three brewery separator modules – BREW 80, BREW 250 and BREW 301. These beer polishers and classical clarifiers are specially created to satisfy the needs of many craft brewers: Compact, energy efficient and easy to operate plug’n play modules with hermetic design and all equipment mounted into one skid.

The latest addition is the Alfa Laval BREW 250 separation module for beer polishing, designed to clarify up to 250 hl/l beer after fermentation and maturation as well as for beer polishing.

“The new compact BREW 250 separation module features Alfa Laval’s unique fully hermetic design with bottom feed, higher separation efficiency and almost zero oxygen pick up,” says Juan Jurado, Competence Center Manager, Filtration & Separation, Alfa Laval. “And power consumption is reduced by at least 25% for the same duty compared to conventional separators.”

The airtight design is achieved through a combination of a hollow spindle inlet, a hermetically sealed outlet and a separator bowl that is completely filled with liquid. The unique hollow spindle design ensures the gentlest possible acceleration of the feed. This contributes to increased separation efficiency and to avoid micronization, ensuring high yeast vitality and better beer filtration.

BREW 250 requires minimal floor space thanks to its compact, modular design. To facilitate installation and start-up and to simplify operation it is delivered as a complete, fully equipped separation system with a pre-assembled valve module.

A complete range for craft brewers and larger breweries

The new BREW 250 separator completes the wide range of Alfa Laval high speed, solids ejecting separators/clarifiers – all developed with focus on hygiene, high separation performance and low power consumption. They enable breweries to achieve higher yields from greater efficiency, and to meet changing demand patterns while maintaining profitability.

Craft brewers can now choose among the BREW 80 plug’n play module for smaller capacities up to 50 hl/l, also suitable for near bright beer styles, plus BREW 250 and BREW 301, both for up to 250 hl/l. For larger capacity breweries several other BREW separator models are available in capacities up to 750 hl/l, with real bottom feed as well as with eDrive and conventional motors.

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