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New Falklands Seafood Processor Launches Value-Added Line in London

2015-10-07-15.33.34Fortuna Ltd were at the Restaurant Show in London exhibiting a new range of value – added seafood products produced at their newly-­‐built processing plant in Stanley.

The new processing plant, the Island’s first purpose-­‐built EU standard facility, marks an important moment in the company’s development. Traditionally known in the seafood world as exporters of primary processed products -­‐ whole round squid and fish -­‐ destined for the world’s industrial markets, the new plant offers an opportunity to get closer to the seafood consumer by offering food service and retail products.

Falklands Calamari, Hake and Toothfish are flagship items in the product ranges of the world’s leading importers yet further down awareness amongst the average shopper wandering the aisles or diner scanning the menu of the Islands as a source of seafood is low. A strong well-­‐resourced processor, supported by the fishing and shipping sector, can change that.

As a coastal processor the new enterprise doesn’t face the same challenges of seasonality and limited product forms that fishing contend with, it can choose can choose how to handle, process and pack products to best serve consumer needs. Events like the Restaurant Show allow specialized information to be gathered about market values for different products, the preferences for product form, format and presentation that are essential in order to gain the best relative value once you start cutting fish.

For further information, please visit www.falklandsfish.com

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