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New Freshness Arrives on the Dessert Menu

Traiteur de Paris has concocted two striking new desserts with incredible flavour: the revisited Strawberry Slice and the Lemon Slice. With the pleasant fresh sensation of tangy fruit, they awaken the taste buds… and chefs’ creative talent!

Decadent, inspiring desserts from your supplier of high-quality frozen catering products. The two individual layer cakes are a bouquet of textures and flavours: compote, creamy filling, financier cake, jelly, light cream, sponge cake, almond cake, pieces of fruit… Their rectangular shape offers many possibilities, from a single dessert that takes centre stage to a sculptural plate of bite-sized squares.

The Strawberry Slice by Traiteur de Paris

Traiteur de Paris gives this timeless classic of French pâtisserie a delicious new twist, highlighting the most important features of the original recipe: a good strawberry flavour, a hint of vanilla, and a harmonious blend of moist and creamy textures. The Strawberry Slice is composed of layers of almond financier cake, strawberry jelly, light Bourbon vanilla cream, vanilla-infused sponge cake and topped with strawberry compote with soft pieces of fruit.

Lemon Slice

This fresh dessert is a full-flavoured ode to citrus. The Traiteur de Paris four-layer Lemon Slice balances the tangy zest of citron with a harmonious blend of textures: lemon almond cake, creamy lemon filling, lemon-infused sponge cake, light cream and chopped almonds. This Slice, a light and original interpretation of the classic lemon cake, is a perfect addition to any dessert menu.

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