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Opinions On Discount Vouchers Differ

Hospitality businesses across the UK have issued a critical verdict on the significance of vouchers, with only 16% of bosses saying that vouchers are important in generating 2014 sales, according to research led by Omnico Group.

This contrasts to consumer attitudes, with 53% saying that vouchers are the top reason for revisiting a hospitality outlet, such as a restaurant, pub, bar or fast food chain. Almost 1 in 5 (18%) of business leaders claimed that their business does not use voucher schemes at all.

These results follow two surveys of over 5,000 UK consumers and 173 business leaders, conducted by Peach Factory on behalf of global hospitality technology provider Omnico Group. The results come as part of an investigation into attitudes towards customer loyalty amongst the UK’s hospitality businesses.

Half of British consumers say that if hospitality outlets deployed loyalty cards, they would be more likely to return. Email offers also prove popular with Brits, with 39% more likely to return, followed by stamp card loyalty offers (27%).

When asked which marketing activities were very important in generating sales in 2014, hospitality business leaders put vouchers at the bottom of the pile (16%), with loyalty card programmes second lowest at 36%. Business leaders cited tracking customer feedback (82%) and social media (77%) as the most important marketing activities.

“With so much choice available for customers in the hospitality space, it’s vital that hospitality outlets gain their customers long term loyalty.” commented Matthew Cox, Hospitality Division at  Omnico Group. “Whilst it’s important to invest in tracking customer feedback, food and drink outlets must encourage spending. Having an effective system in place to provide customers with personalised vouchers tailored to their needs will ensure loyalty in a crowded market and track their behaviour.”

“We know from our work with the Anglia Co-Operative that personalised vouchers can have a sizeable impact on sales. After launching an e-coupons initiative, non-members – who previously would only have shopped once per week in store – spent more in stores as a direct result of receiving vouchers.”

Omnico Group provides loyalty software, Omni-engagement, to a range of retail and hospitality clients to deliver compelling customer engagement strategies based on the analysis of their customer behaviour.

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