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Our Bar Saves £7000 Every Year After Installing A Single LineClenze Device

John Watson, one of our clients at the Drayton Manor Hotel was astounded when he found out he was set to save £7,000 every year simply by reducing the amount of beer he would normally throw away during the line cleaning process of a single hotel bar.

“Our bar now saves £7000 every year… I cannot recommend the device highly enough.”

The Lineclenze device is a small, compact box that agitates the yeast molecules in beer lines, lessening the amount of cleans required by 75%.

Paul, at the Riverside Bar, Stratford-Upon-Avon says: “Anyone wanting to save money should consider the LineClenze system – it is well-worth the investment. We have 15 lines here at the Riverside Bar, each holding 4 pints, which we pour down the drain every time we clean the lines. Thanks to LineClenze we have reduced our line cleaning from weekly to monthly, resulting in significant savings. What’s more our customers tell us that our beer tastes better now!”

With devices installed around the UK in varying different venues, ranging from hotels to pubs, from sports clubs to theme parks, Lineclenze have a positive portfolio of happy customers making yearly savings ranging from £3000 to £20,000 per bar depending on their wastage levels.

For more information on Lineclenze whether that be to delve deeper into the technical side of the device or to browse our testimonials, please visit us at: www.lineclenze.com

To arrange a free quote call: 0800 1701564 or email: enquiries@lineclenze.com

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