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PEL UK Rentals LtdPEL UK Rentals Ltd is a leading manufacturer of products for reducing waste disposal costs and serves a global customer base via offices in Ireland, the UK and a network of international distributors.

The company offers three main product lines to the hospitality industry; waste glass bottle crushers spanning the ‘Baby Jaws’ under-the-counter machine to the volume fed ‘Mega Jaws’ machine capable of crushing up to 4000 bottles Hour-1 to the BB09 ‘Mighty Jaws’ stand alone machine. There are four machines in the PEL cardboard and plastic baler portfolio all of which reduce waste volumes by 80-90%.

PEL’s refuse Bin Compactors are suitable for 240 litre, 360 litre, 660 litre and 1100 litre bin sizes and save customers by reducing the number of waste bins required to manage their general and recycling wastes.

The latest product from PEL UK Rentals Ltd is a Solar powered IoT ‘Smart’ litter bin which saves councils, local authorities etc on the total cost of their litter bin collection service. All PEL UK Rental Ltd products are compliant with the ISO9001 Quality Standard and are CE Certified.

Call Gerry on 0208 340 0436 for more details on the PEL UK Rentals Ltd product range.

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