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Philadelphia – Works (Almost) As Hard As You Do

Philadelphia’s away from home campaign uses Michelin Star Chef, Simon Hulstone, to showcase the benefits of using Philadelphia above any other cream cheese brand. Appealing to hard working, creative chefs who want to get the best quality out of their dishes, the campaign highlights the reliable nature of the iconic cream cheese brand.

In the same way that chefs have to earn their place in the kitchen, so does an ingredient. Philadelphia has proven its place as a key component in any kitchen, time and time again. Philadelphia works (almost) as hard as you do.

Throughout the entire food service, Philadelphia works hard. If you don’t believe it from us – brand ambassador Simon Hulstone raves about the benefits of the cream cheese. Simon has represented the country over 20 times at world cooking events, and has held his Michelin Star since 2004. Simon has worked with Philadelphia to create some inspiring, contemporary and delicious recipes; including the Philadelphia vanilla rice pudding with balsamic roasted strawberries and lemon thyme crumble. Find this recipe, along with Hulstone’s delicious Philadelphia cheese steak, at www.philadelphiaprofessional.co.uk.

Philadelphia’s versatility makes it a staple ingredient. Its delicious, rich flavour compliments other ingredients really well and its creamy, smooth texture gives dishes that little extra. It has a much higher boiling point than other cream cheese brands* and it will never split. So put Philadelphia to work; it can handle it.

Whether you’re catering from a street food van, a country pub, or a top restaurant, Philadelphia’s versatility, passion and commitment shines through. When any component in your kitchen works this hard, it makes your job that little bit easier.

We give you Philadelphia, a hardworking partner in the kitchen.

For more information, visit the Philadelphia professional website www.philadelphiaprofessional.co.uk or follow us on twitter @phillyprofessionals. Campaign went live September 2016.

*Based on a culinary assessment carried out by a home economist between 01.07.16 – 06.07.16

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