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Regale Gives New Cavity Liner A Wave !

The latest CPS2A model features a new ‘wave design’, which the supplier believes improves the microwave cavity liner’s ease of cleaning plus has greater rigidity.

Regale Microwave Ovens under the Microsave® brand invested in a brand new injection mould press to produce the wave design, The tool comprises of two parts with a weight of over 3tons. The new design has also been registered with the Intellectual Property Offices in the UK, Europe, USA, China and Japan which will be renewed every five years.

Both directors of Regale, Pat Bray and Barry Clark, were at the launch and were delighted with the result. Clark said: “We have been working on this new design now for nearly 12 months and not only has the quality of the new liner been greatly improved with the new base for even easier cleaning, but it has proved to be easier and quicker to actually manufacture by our production team.”

Bray said  “now this new design has proved to be exceptionally good and more durable, we are thinking of rolling out the design across the Microsave® range”

The new CPS2A is being installed by Regale into the Panasonic NE1843 and NE1853 (Panasonic’s heavy duty compact range of microwave ovens) and is now readily available at a special promotional price during February and March 2018”

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