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Revolutionary EPOS Software Transforms Local Businesses Across The UK

“When I first started working here we had the old-school Casio tills that printed little square receipts!” remembers Holly, restaurant manager at the popular Kingsbridge Inn in Gorseinon.

“You had to type in how much each individual item was into the till, and you couldn’t keep track of who was serving, let alone the stock. Now we have these amazing tills with handhelds which are brilliant. They help us order the stock we actually need and work out who is selling what. We also have this great loyalty card system we use with regulars – which has hugely increased our sales.”

Holly is talking about Newbridge software. The company supplies independent pubs, hotels and restaurants like the Kingsbridge Inn with the most comprehensive EPOS solution ever built. It’s tailored to each business and comes complete with 24/7 support. It’s easy to use and helps businesses to save time, money, and work more strategically and securely.

Ceri and Pete of the Brynmill coffee house in the lively student area of Swansea agree that Newbridge software has helped transform their business.

“The back office services are great. We can track everything through itemised, weekly, daily or even hourly reports. It’s also helped us regulate and manage the stock.

“There’s a lot more support, too. Nothing seems too much of a problem. It’s 24 hours a day – whenever we need it we phone up and they just help.”

Find out more today: www.newbridgesoftware.co.uk

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