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RGR Facilities To Manage Your Complete FOG Solution

RGR are one of the leading grease-solution contractors in the market today. We are the main distributers for Grease Guardian, as well as offering a variety of our own products and bespoke services.

Grease Guardian’s new automatic grease removal range, GGX, is the latest grease separator on the market. Made of high quality stainless steel and requiring minimal daily maintenance, the GGX has features to cope with an array of food production practices.

Other products in the Grease Guardian range include: industrial sized units for areas generating a substantial amount of food waste, e.g. small factories, large hotels; manual grease traps; food filter traps; Coffee Guardians, and Sink Guardians.

RGR’s own range includes: manual grease traps; sink guards; dosing units; and enzyme dosing fluid.

Personalised services from RGR include: site surveys requested by clients, water authorities, or landlords; grease trap installation; grease trap servicing; full drainage services; and emergency call-outs.

As well as offering tailored service contracts, once a service is complete, RGR will send a comprehensive report to the client detailing the work carried out, along with any remedial work required.

RGR runs a call-out service across the whole of the UK on a 4-hour, 24-hour, and 5-day reaction-time basis. Based in central London, we have one of the fastest response times in the capital, saving time, and potential closure for businesses.

Our drainage services include: planned maintenance, emergency call-outs, high-pressure water jetting, CCTV, and drain repairs.

RGR provides a complete solution to grease and drainage issues. We work with hotel groups, restaurant chains, supermarket chains, the public sector, landlords, architects, and other establishments producing waste food and fat.

Please contact us today for a free site survey and advice on the products and services we offer.

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