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RIDA®CUBE SCAN Enzymatic Analysis Whenever And Wherever You Want

Launched to serve the wine industry in France, R-Biopharm’s automated and highly portable photometric system for enzymatic and colorimetric assays is proving its versatility with successful whisky fraud detection via The Scotch Whisky Research Institute, with a rapid and portable solution for the determination of sugars.

Within the fruit juice industry, composition of fruit juices can easily be manipulated to increase quality perception or production volume. Enzymatic testing – carried out easily with the RIDA®CUBE SCAN with a single pipetting step – can determine the exact acids present to determine authenticity.

It isn’t just beverages that can be tested; canned food and pre-packed food, eggs, meat or fish products and milk and dairy products can now be analysed using established and proven methods with RIDA®CUBE SCAN automation. Small food laboratories and production facilities can now access sensitive and specific measurement of targeted components to the same standard as large laboratories using the bigger biochemistry analyzers.

Each enzymatic test kit contains 32 single-test cartridges and an RFID card containing all the data and settings needed. The cartridges are pre-filled with the reagents and include a mixing device. All that is needed is a single-pipette step to transfer the sample.

Once the cartridge is inserted into the machine, all other steps are performed automatically within 15 minutes. Results are calculated via the linked Android tablet and can be exported to a computer, printer or Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

For further information contact R-Biopharm Rhone at food.r-biopharm.com/news/automated-enzymatic-analyzer/

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