IMG_0089Traditional timeless tweed plaids and herringbones in colours that reflect the natural hues and shades of the dramatic countryside around us.
Plaids and herringbones tweeds work well in interior schemes where the impression of quality, comfort and warmth needs to be projected. Picture your guests, relaxing in their high backed tweed armchair, feet gently resting on the matching footstool, the flickering glow of the log fire reflected in the ice slowly melting in their Balvenie. Only Tweed will do it.

Bamburgh-ChairIf your interior schemes, curtains, cushions or furniture needs to project quality, warmth and comfort then pure wool tweeds are the answer. Our Northumbrian Tweed has been designed to mirror the wild beauty of the Northumbrian landscape around us. Utilising the natural shades and hues found on the heather clad hills, broad leaf valleys or endless Bamburgh coastline.

Your choice. Is it Harris Tweed or Northumbrian Tweed? Both ranges are hard wearing, flame retardant and suitable for curtains, cushions, throws and especially covering furniture.

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