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RS100 – Background Music Sound Solutions

rs100RS100 supplies cost effective Background Music Sound Systems and is owned by Award Winning Entrepreneur Roddy Stewart, who has been trading in the Sound & Lighting business for over 25 years and built a strong reputation all over the UK . Our sole job is creating the right sound atmosphere in Hotels, Restaurants, and Retail, really anywhere that music or voice announcements are required.

Some of our recent customers have been, Rick Steins, Di Maggio’s, Edinburgh Airport, Loch Fyne Restaurants & Burger King Creating the right sound is of key importance to give customers a feeling of ease and create the mood or experience that is required to generate sales or atmosphere. We specialize in background music systems and do both ceiling and wall mounted speakers, all sound systems can be configured to each customer’s needs , be it 1 Zone 4 speaker systems to Multi Zone speaker systems in Airports , Hotels or Conference Centers.

Our online company is a set up to sell specialist packaged systems giving customers an easy way to buy a 1 stop solution for their needs. Or we can custom design a sound system bespoke to any requirement.

In addition to supplying sound systems we also supply music playback systems, ranging from iPod docking systems to CD, MP3, SD and USB based systems.

Visit us at www.rs100.co.uk to find our full range of solutions and see how we can help you drive your business forward today , or contact Roddy Stewart directly on 0141 337 1100 or email: sales@rs100.co.uk
RS100 4 Chancellor St, Glasgow, G11 5RQ www.rs100.co.uk

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