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Sadia Delivers for Foodservice with Key Roasted, Coated & Grilled Chicken Lines

BRF’s extensive foodservice product selection is making chefs’ lives easier the country over. With a number of Sadia offerings to choose from, there’s a product for every menu type.


Create fast yet distinctive restaurant dishes with Sadia’s Roasted assortment. Spicy Mexican coatings or original roast flavour, chicken wings or diced breast, these fully cooked crowd-pleasers are the perfect component for so many dishes.


Whether cooking in a local restaurant, a high-street takeaway or in the kitchen of a busy bar, Sadia Coated is the ultimate versatile kitchen staple. Crispy chicken cuts never fall out of favour, and Sadia’s mouth-watering range of coated crispy chicken cutlets, nuggets, goujons and wings will have punters coming back for more. Ready-to-eat, all Sadia Coated chicken options are quickly prepared during the busy summer season.


Health-conscious customers will always have plenty of choice with the Sadia Grilled assortment of chicken products. All fully cooked and reduced in sodium, Sadia Grilled items are the essential puzzle piece to every contemporary menu. With chicken chunks, strips, slices, dices, inner fillets and breasts, the possibilities are endless.


It’s well-known that diners are once again falling in love with the classic meatball. With this in mind, Sadia’s new turkey-based offering will be sure to satisfy customers’ appetites. Fully cooked, just add Sadia Meatballs to pasta, wraps, stews and soups: the possibilities are endless.


Through BRF’s dedicated foodservice platform, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with the hottest trends in the foodservice industry. Exclusive and regularly updated market news and insights will give foodservice players the cutting edge they need when it comes to designing menus and selecting products. Visit us now at www.brf-foodservice.co.uk.

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