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Sanitary Bins Re-invented by Brilliant Bins

Many hoteliers believe there is no alternative to signing up for a costly serviced sanitary bin contract. However, when Brilliant Bins launched their self-managed disposable sanitary bins, the whole situation changed.

So what do disposable sanitary bins save and how do they work?

Not only can contract commitments be avoided, but savings of 60% are typical, with costs as low as 85p per week per cubicle – that’s just £44.40 per year.

Disposable sanitary bins are despatched flat-packed anywhere in the UK. It takes a few moments to pop them up, and then they stay in place for up to 3 months. They have a lid with a magnetic catch, and an inner cover to conceal the contents. When the bins are full, then the whole bin and contents are placed in the black bin bag that is supplied with each bin. Then they are disposed on into the commercial or business regular waste container – all perfectly legally.

Brilliant Bins supplies all kinds of businesses from pubs and hotels to offices, healthcare facilities, leisure parks, schools and from city centres to rural locations.

The bins are available in five colours Pink, Silver Great Metallic, Mint, Metallic Purple and Leopard Print.

There is more on the website www.BrilliantBins.co.uk or call 01488 684850 or email sales@brilliantbins.co.uk

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