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Sekforde Mixers ‘Unlocking The Flavour In Spirits’

Sekforde are brand new, natural, botanical mixers, specifically designed for whiskey, rum and gin. Using a blend of natural botanicals and English sparkling water, Sekforde are not only low in calories, but also celebrate the flavour of the designated spirit rather than masking it.

This innovative concept gives premium rum and whiskey their very own mixers, (as tonic is to gin) opening doors for those that are cautious of drinking them straight. Each one of the three mixers has been designed to perfectly enhance the flavour of the spirit without overpowering it, through the use of natural botanicals that work with the unique characteristics of each spirit, creating a sophisticated and delicious drink, every time.

London-based husband and wife team Tom and Talula White, were frustrated at the lack of mixer-options available to them to go with their favourite spirits, all seemed to be sugar-loaded and flavour-dominant. Sekforde came about as a result and both run their business, hands-on from their home.

Sekforde for Whiskey – Delicate orange and Istrian botanicals

Sekforde for Whiskey leads with a sweet orange flavour and hint of rosemary, set off by a combination of dry bitters. Sekforde is incredibly versatile – it makes a perfect drink with most bourbons and blended scotches too. Serve in a tumbler or copa glass with ice and a twist of orange peel and, if liked, a spring of rosemary.

Recommended brands: Chivas Regal 12 yr old, Bulleit Bourbon or Rye, Buffalo Trace, Monkey Shoulder

Sekforde for Rum – Aromatic lime and Mistral botanicals

Sekforde for Rum enhances the true character of the spirit. Lime is a classic partner, the zest draws out the common flavours, in rum, of sweetness, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel, leading to molasses in the darker and stickier varieties. These flavours are lifted by Sekforde for Rum’s combination of aromatic herbs and floral notes, finishing with a bitter-sweet note and a touch of mint. Serve in a tumbler or copa glass with ice and a twist of lime peel and mint sprig.

Recommended brands: Havana Club, Westerhall Rums, Ron Barceló Imperial, Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

Sekforde for Gin – English Garden botanicals with a hint of Raspberry

Sekforde for Gin is an interesting one, swapping the classing quinine flavours of tonic for a lightly carbonated blend of raspberry, sage and rose, giving a soft, natural sweetness that works well with the juniper, letting the true spirit of the gin shine through. Serve over ice, with a twist of grapefruit and a rosemary or sage sprig.

Recommended brands: Portobello Road, Dingle, Elephant Gin, Hendrick’s

Co-founder Talula White says: “Our taste trials show that people welcome new ways to enjoy dark spirits, especially with interesting botanical flavours rather than being drowned in sugary cola or ginger beer”. Her approach is to honour the traditions and dedication shown by premium whiskey, rum and gin producers by creating the best bespoke complementary mixers she can, using the finest botanicals and ingredients. Sekforde is easy to mix both behind the bar and from home, ensuring a refreshing, sophisticated drink every time.

Sekforde are the first individually designed mixers to complement and enhance the flavour profile of spirits. The recipes were created by Tom and Talula from their home on Sekforde Street in East London, giving both the business and brand its name.

For more information contact: enquiries@sekfordedrinks.com and info@boutiquebarbrands.com
Tel: 0207 585 2294

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