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Simag SMI80 – Crushed Ice Machine

The Simag SMI80 is a newly designed unique ice machine capable to produce crushed ice suitable for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks. Thanks to its innovative design of freezer and extruder, the machine produces very hard and dry crushed ice with only 8% of residual water content which can last longer in alcoholic drinks.

The machine is robustly built with high grade 411 stainless steel (scotch brite) exterior and foodsafe plastic interior with silver antibacterial treated interior.

The Simag SMI80 is capable to produce 85kg ice per day with a storage capacity of 25kg ice. It will be a perfect help for barman avoiding the use of ice cubes and relevant crushers in the cocktail preparation.

For further details contact Pentland on 01254 614444, visit www.pentlandwholesale.co.uk

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